Cristina Da Costa
Senior Managing Consultant
CDC Consulting Partners

Cristina Da Costa is a consultant for corporate culture, a leadership developer and an executive coach based in Atlanta, with extensive experience as a senior executive in the financial industry in Europe.

As a permanent agent of change, Cristina’s background includes driving successful strategic projects for business performance both through risk management and business development while improving the company’s resilience to every day-to-day impact.

Leveraging her extensive corporate experience, Cristina focuses her work in helping organizations create high performing, values-aligned work environments, develop their professionals into engaged, inspired and connected individuals, working for a common goal.

She is a certified coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is a certified consultant from Barrett Values Centre providing metrics and recommendations for clients‘ cultural transformation efforts.

The tools she uses, available in more than 50 languages, have been measuring the culture of more than 6,000 organizations and 3,000 leaders in 94 countries, helping foster the transformation of corporations, NGO´s, government and municipal agencies. These are powerful metrics that enable leaders to measure and manage the cultures of their organisations, and the leadership development needs of their managers and leaders.

Additionally, Cristina has a degree in Economics from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL), Lisbon and a certification in the Advanced Finance Program for Executives at Universidade Catolica Portuguesa (UCP) in Lisbon as well. Cristina is also a certified eLearning Trainer by ISQ and a Certified Trainer by the IEPP.