Authentic Personal Branding in the workplace


When you think of “Coca-Cola”, what comes immediately to mind?… A sense of thirst, a refreshing beverage,a red can, a huge corporation? … and when you think of a “Ferrari” what do you think of?… Speed, Money, Success? The Brand?   What about people, can people be brands?   When you think of Mahatma Gandhi, how does it impact you? Purpose? Vision? Strength? Stand up for a cause? Freedom?… Or …

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The Authenticity Paradox – HBR#comment-section


Effective leadership: fake it till you make it or stay true to yourself? By Salem Samhoud and Tjeertje Vlaskamp In the Harvard Business Review of January, our attention was drawn to the article by Herminia Ibarra called ‘The Authenticity Paradox’. As practitioners in the field of leadership development we have an extensive experience with the topic of authentic leadership, or ‘connecting with yourself’ as we like to call it. Moreover, …

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SMALL businesses can have BIG business owners


I am originally from Europe, Portugal living now in the US. Back home, most entrepreneurs when deciding to open a small business, they have in mind creating their own job and a job for their very close relatives, get good money out of the business every month and not having a boss telling them what to do…The problem is they work and work and work finding themselves complaining that the …

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Do your personal values reflect your business?

Dec 19th, 2014

 Authentic Personal Branding, Career Change, & More ...


What are your personal values?   Who you are, what you hold dear, what upsets you, and what underlies your decisions are all connected to your personal values. Our values reflect what is important to us. They are a shorthand way of describing our individual motivations. Together with our beliefs, they are the causal factors that drive our decision-making. Understanding our values helps us to understand why we may act …

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What questions are you asking yourself?

Dec 18th, 2014

 Authentic Personal Branding, Career Change, & More ...


At a networking lunch event an insurance business owner was complaining about how the market crises and the new governmental health policies have been screwing up his business in the last 4 to 5 years… he went on saying how difficult it is these days to sell a health insurance, a house insurance or even a car insurance for in today´s world clients care only about price having no interest …

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