“Culture is grown by people’s attitudes values and behaviours”

Arkadi Kuhlmann – ING Direct CEO


“The key is making sure you hire people whose personal values match the corporate values”

Tony Hsieh – Zappos CEO


“The Cullture became: We love the customers and we love each other”

Bernie Marcus – Co-Founder, The Home Depot


This is the way we get things done around here. These are the things we will always do… and these are the things we will never do

Shelly Lazarus – Chairman, Ogilvye & Mather





“Values – Driven Cultures produce high returns, high performance and are simply the best companies in the planet to work for”.

Richard Barrett – Founder of Barrett Values Centre




“Strong Culture drives business success and it’s not cost cutting that is good for the bottom line”


“After 8 million surveys we found that there is absolutely a correlation between happy employees and happy customers”


Joanne Smith – Senior Executive at Delta Airlines