At CDC Consulting Partners we are aware of the impact corporations have in millions of peoplesĀ“ lives, in thousands of communities, in governments, in society and in the world and we are conscious about how this great capacity can make a difference in millions of lives today and in the future.


WE BELIEVE true fulfillment is reached when bringing the best to others, that is the ground of peopleĀ“s Authenticity as human beings. Companies are no more than groups of people sharing something in common, and companies have great power to either bring the best to others or bring frustration and unhappiness to many. WE BELIEVE that providing companies a way to see what they are bringing to others can, and will make a difference in our society and in our world.


A clear vision of who the company is today and how it is perceived in the market, gives its Leaders the opportunity to decide if they like that vision of the company and of themselves or find the need to embark in change to align their behaviors to what they value most and thus, be perceived in the market and in the world for who they really are, for their Authenticity.


Organizations work better and get higher results when their Leaders are focused on building values-driven cultures that benefit their people, their customers and all sectors of society and that is our way of contributing to a better and more authentic corporate world.