CDC Consulting Partners helps Corporations measure their Culture and people create greater awareness of who they are in the company. Aligning Corporate and Individual Authenticity is today the key factor to unlock high performance and boost collective and individual results.


Culture is today the most significant differentiator between low and high performing organizations. This focus on Culture is a relatively recent phenomenon. In the industrial age, quality was the key differentiator of performance, and in the information age it was intellectual capital. Now, in the consciousness age, Cultural capital has become the key factor in unlocking high performance.


Most of the time, there is no alignment between the company´s goals, its people, its systems, its processes and its policies. It is as if the Culture is working in the oppose direction to where the company wants to go, creating what we call Cultural entropy. Not measuring this entropy and not controlling it will lead to high levels of dysfunction inside the company and this is impacting negatively the performance and definitely, the company´s bottom line.


At CDC Consulting Partners we are committed to provide powerful metrics and grounded recommendations that enable companies to measure and manage Collective Authenticity (Culture) in the organization and we are committed to bring people´s awareness to their Individual Authenticity. We use the data obtained on assessing your company´s Culture and your Leadership “style” and deliver reports and recommendations to transform it, impacting positively your company´s future. Doing this, we help aligning both company and people values as it is today the only way to build trust and with trust create space for sustainable growth, higher performance and boosted results.